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Meet Maddie


Functional Health Coach

Sluggish, overweight, poor self worth...trying diet after diet, nothing seemed to work or fix anything. Most often I ended up gaining more weight and feeling even worse. Until one day I had enough of the diets and said, "I just want to be healthy, and I want it to be sustainable." Little did I know that would be one of the biggest turning points. After I "ditched the diets", I spent 6 years studying food, energy, the inner psyche, the mind, self love, belief systems, the laws of the Universe, and the affects all of that has on me as an energetic being in a physical body.

Through my own explorations inside myself as well as the outer discoveries within books, programs, and meeting with experts, I was able to: find my own sense of self worth, acceptance, and love; develop a beautiful relationship with food of all kinds; reconnect with a power greater than myself; AND sustainably lose 100 pounds during the process. 

As a certified health and wellness coach & Reiki practitioner, I am devoted to supporting your energy optimization to allow you to live the life you desire. Through visualization, shedding limiting beliefs, and accountability, you are empowered to make the sustainable changes & bring your vision to life. 

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