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Rekindling Your Relationship with Money

What is money?

As with all things in this world, money is an energy. It is a frequency. Money is neither “good” nor “bad”. Money is a conduit of energetic exchange.

Since its creation, money has given a physical value to our time, our things, and our own creations. It has enabled us to grow faster and expand further, creating a global economy using a mostly agreed upon and supported value system. As with all things in a world of polarity, there are a range of pros and cons. For those who have moved beyond duality, money has a natural flow when you open your channels through a receiving prosperous frequency.

Why money?

As consciousness and the universe expands, so does our ability to create systems that support our human growth across the planet. Money is a resource for the expansion and for the support of a sustainable expansion.

Money is a doorway to opportunities and experiences of life.

Money isn’t necessary to feel happiness. It is a resource in a system of creation.

We are currently living a reality where actualization is best supported with a minimum of financial resources to cover basic needs for survival.

When expanding and creating change in the world, structures also have a bare minimum and are able to expand further and more sustainably with proper resources (and management).

Our current systems are unified by money. As our consciousness shifts, so do our beliefs and utilizations of financial resources. Each of our individual decisions is reflected in the bigger collective consciousness & societal decisions.

Belief Systems

As with all of our experiences of life, our beliefs are central to our experience of money.

My Old Money Beliefs

Money was something I grasped at for security.

“If only I had more money, then I could be happy.”

“When I have this much money, then I can relax.”

These beliefs created a reality where I was constantly reaching and living in a lack frequency. This is the rat race of needing more and more and never feeling fulfilled.

Money felt dirty.

“People with money are greedy assholes.”

Money seemed like too much responsibility and I didn’t feel like I knew how to properly manage it.

In my distaste for money, I was pushing away the thing I was reaching for.

And as my bank account got too low for comfort, I could feel my energy scatter and more fear would start to creep in.

Terrifying thoughts that I would subscribe to down the spiral.

“What if I lose my job.”

“What would it be like to live on the streets.”

“Do humans actually have to eat to survive?”

When I held onto these fears and beliefs, my reality would confirm the fear. I would dread “having to” pay bills and more bills would come along. At times, it was terrifying to look ahead at my future of a life living just to get by and being consumed with fear of not having enough.


What are your own beliefs around money? What ways did your parents relate to money? How did you hear people around you speak about money?

My New Money Beliefs