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Tapestry of Gratitude

The entire tapestry of life is beautiful.

In this journey, one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is gratitude.

Gratitude is a frequency.

A lens in which we view life.

Of course, we experience the whole rainbow of frequencies (emotions) - and all are accepted.

And we get to choose the ones we believe and the ones we practice.

It is a practice to consciously shift the lens we experience life through.

And it’s okay when we forget and get caught up in different frequencies/lenses/emotions/stories.

Trust me, we are all beautiful messes in this tapestry.

Gratitude is about seeing the beauty that is right here and being thankful for it.

Being grateful to be in the here and now...

In a body

On this planet

With the experiences we have had

And the experiences we have yet to have.

Gratitude can be a lens to see everything in life.

Being grateful to have the experience of arguing, fighting, being lost, alone, anxious, scared, angry....we get to experience these things as a human.

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