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“Conscious Creator-ship”

Updated: Apr 19

The term “conscious creator” has been growing in popularity and has had a lot of controversy.

Many people wonder,

“If we’re creating our reality, then why am I not the millionaire like I asked?”

And that’s a valid question.

The answer?

We aren’t only creating from our minds.

We are so much more than our minds - our feelings, our repeated beliefs, and our actions also play a big role in our creator-ship of life.

Our conscious mind is only 5% of our reality while our subconscious mind creates 95% of our reality. Our subconscious contains our programming and our habitual responses and belief systems.

Beliefs are thoughts you have repeated enough to become a truth for you.

So what does this mean??

It means that as we bring awareness to these different pieces and shift them, we are able to create our own reality. However, truly embodying this means uncovering all of the limiting beliefs we have been programmed with since we were born - family, media, other people.

As we uncover these different beliefs and begin to choose our own belief system, we see our values and priorities shift and evolve with us.

The reality you think you want to create may not be the reality that your soul truly wants to experience.

What about “destiny”?

Uncovering the layers of programming of everything you’re not will bring you into alignment which your destiny easily flows from. We all have our different perspectives and beliefs…I believe you’re already fulfilling your destiny just by being here. By being alive.

Becoming a conscious creator doesn’t just mean trying to control your reality to get what you want. It may start there, and you’ll soon realize that it’s more about taking full responsibility for your energy and the part that you play in this world.

Plus it does feel pretty amazing to be living a life of alignment, fulfillment, purpose, peace, growth, and love (which is really all we’ve been searching for through external means).

Consciousness Shift

When we think of reality, most of us have been programmed to think of it as separate than us. Life is happening “to” us.

Some of us were lucky enough to have the belief of life happening “for” us with things like “everything happens for a reason”.

When exploring the creator consciousness, we are able to see through a lens of reality happening “from” us. We take responsibility for the wobbles in our field and being open to creating the life of our dreams. Since we know it isn’t happening only from the mind, we are opening ourselves to cocreatorship with life. You create from the power of Source energy within you. And you see that reflected in your external reality.

As always, if you’re curious about next steps  on your journey or have questions, please feel free to reach out through this website or send me an email at the bottom of the page.

x o Maddie o x