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Possible Options


Auric Reiki Cleanse

45 minutes

Feeling a bit off center? Your body feels weighted down, your mind is foggy, or maybe it has just been a busy week.


 In this auric cleanse, you will enter a space dedicated for you to release any stuck energy, blockages, and weight holding you back in life.

Energetic Exchange: 



Personalized 1:1 Well-being Package

3-6 months (customized to you after the chemistry call)

Are you ready to have supportive foundational health pillars that will positively impact all that you do? 

Have you been unsure of what it should look like with everyone telling you something different? 

I'm here for you with open arms. 

Through the life visioning session, you locate the direction you want to go. From there we create the long term goals and habits you are wanting to implement. Each week, we build on the last to implement and sustain the changes.


What it includes: 

-Dream Life Visioning Session

-Bi-weekly 1:1 sessions

(1 hour)

-Bi-weekly Reiki sessions

(1 hour)

-Supporting resources

Energetic Exchange:



Tarot Reading 
20 minutes

Whether you have a particular question in mind or are looking for more general life guidance, you are deeply honored, connected, and answered in this space. 

Energetic Exchange: 


Guiding Support


We're all different people in various stages of our journey, and we have different needs. That's why I like taking the customized approach to my coaching to make sure it's tailored to you in the best way we can design together. Have an idea that you want to add? Please bring it to me on the call.

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